How to Register Digital Signature Certificate for E-filing

How to Register Digital Signature Certificate for E-filing | DSC

Let's first understand what is e-filing? E-filing or electronic filing means submitting your income tax returns online. There are basically two ways to file your income tax returns. One of them is the conventional offline route and the other is when you file your returns through the internet. E-filing has gained popularity over the years as it is easier, convenient and hassle-free. With digital signature certificates, taxpayers can affix their signatures on the documents to authenticate it.

Under the IT Act, 2000 digital signatures have been given the same status as regular physical signatures.

Documents that are signed digitally are also protected from further alteration or editing of the signed documents. In this technical era, digital signatures play an important role as they not only provide high security but also convenience to its users.

Who provides a digital signature certificate or where to get it?

The Controller of Certifying Authority has provided the power to certain companies that are now the Certification Authorities (CA's) in India for the purpose of issuance of Digital Signature Certificates. These authorities are E-Mudhra, Tata consultancy services, Code Solutions, National Informatics Centre, Safescrypt CA services, IDRBT Certifying Authority.

How to apply for a Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) ?

You can apply for DSC from the Certifying Authorities after fulfilling the following requirements:-