How to get proprietor code to apply for trademark registration in India

How to get proprietor code to apply for trademark registration in India

A trademark is the name of one's brand or is a service mark. Trademark includes any word, name, symbol or device used or intended to be used to identify and distinguish goods or services of one seller or provider from another seller or provider to indicate the person who produced the goods or rendered any kind of services.

For example, people who are in business and have a thriving business are placing a mark or insignia on their goods to make the public aware of the product's genuineness and that the company has manufactured the same. If a person wants to buy the goods that such a person manufactures, he will just have to see that company's trademark and make the purchase.

The proprietor code is the unique code which is assigned to the trademark applicant. Any applicant while making the payment for the application will be assigned the proprietor code in the receipt of payment itself. Before filing a trademark application in India the proprietor code created for the applicant / owner of the trademark. This proprietor code is important because For one, registration of a trademark is a long and difficult process, even after a fair and free search of a trademark has been completed. To that end, this code is associated with any advancement on his application. The next time a person log in to the website to check his registration status; this code would all be linked to it.

A person need to ensure that he have a valid Class III Digital Signature Certificate before creating a Proprietor Code and that the same is installed on your computer.

A Person can create Proprietor Code online at the website of the Trademarks Registry. You need to follow the steps below to create a Proprietor Code.

1. First a person has to go to the website -
2. Then click on to the option Trademark,
3. On the next page, click on Comprehensive e Filing Services for Trade Marks,
4. Then on the next page if you have an account then login, if don’t have an account then click on No Account? Sign Up,
5. On that Page, now click on proceed for registration,
6. The New User Registration Form is displayed on the Next Page; on this page, select "Proprietor" in the applicant type and in the Enter Code box , type your (applicant's) name and click on the Search
7. Then on the next page type your (applicant’s) name in the given box and then press on the submit button.
8. Then on the next page, click on Add New,
9. Select the Proprietor Category on the next page and fill in the form, the form will require basic details such as:
10. Once you have filled the form, click on the Submit button and then it will generate a Proprietor Code.

Once the proprietor code is created, the same code can be used for future applications and / or multiple applications, so you do not need to provide details of the trademark owner for each application. For all applicants made under the same name you must mention the same Proprietor Code.

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