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Register Digital signatures online in India

Digital signature or DCS is nothing but physical signature in an electronic format. Digital signature can be used for various types of online transaction which includes Company or LLP Incorporation, annual tax filing Returns, E-filing of income tax. Digital signature are of 3types, Class I, Class II, Class III.

For securing your email communication class I digital signature can be used. For registering a company, E-filing IT returns, obtaining a DIN or DPIN Class II digital signature is required. Class III is used for e-tendering or participating in any E- auctions.

What is the process of obtaining a DSC?

Either the applicant can directly approach to certifying authority with original documents and self attested copies for direct obtaining of digital signature.
The DSC can also be obtained by using your Aadhaar Card eKYC on the basis of authentication. This can be done by a CA anywhere. Another way or DSC can be obtained is by a certificate from the bank manager with the letter or certificate which is issued by the bank that has the applicant's information which matches the bank's database.

What is the requirement of digital signature

For filling up any e-forms or taking part in any e-auction or anything like that the digital signature of the applicant is important.

Who can issue Digital signature certificates?

A certified authority having a licence can issue a digital signature. A CA is the person who has the licence to grant a digital signature certificate under Section 24 of Indian IT act 2000.

Steps to apply for a digital signature certificate
  1. First thing you need to do is log on to any website which is licensed to provide a digital signature certificate in India and is a certified authority.
  2. . After you get access to the page you directly be guided towards the digital signature certificate services section
  3. . After reaching the digital Certification Services section you need to type or click on the type of entity for which you want to obtain a DSC. DSC can be obtained for an individual as well as an organisation.
  4. . If you are applying for an individual a new tab will appear which contains a DSC registration form for individuals which you need to download.
  5. . You need to fill the following necessary details required by the certification

  • Class of Dsc
  • Applicant name and contact details
  • GST number and an identity proof
  • Residential address
  • Validity
  • The type of signature which includes only sign or sign and encrypt.
  • Declaration form
  • Your address proof
  • Attestation officer
  • Payment details

  • After filling up these information you must affix your recent photograph along with your signature under the declaration.

    Identity proof and address ?

    The documents that support your identity and address proof must be attested by an attesting officer. Ensuring the sign and seal of the attesting officer visibility is very important.

    Payment for DSC ?

    In the name of a local registration authority you must include a demand draft or cheque which includes the payment. To find any local area authority according to your residential status you need to search for a certifying authority who is licensed to issue . digital certification online

    Posting Documents ?

    Enclose all the necessary documents in an envelope and post.

    Is there any obligation for e-filing?

    To procure class 2 digital signature certificate, e-filing is compulsory.

    What are the components of a digital signature certificate?

  • Your open key: any one can get a duplicate of this and is a piece of the check framework.
  • Your name and email address: This is essential for contact data purposes and to empower the watcher to recognize the subtleties.
  • Termination date of the open key: This piece of the mark is utilized to set a time span of usability and to guarantee that in case of delayed maltreatment of a mark in the end the mark is reset.
  • Name of the organization: This segment recognizes the organization that the mark has a place as well.
  • Sequential number of the Digital ID: This part is a special number that is packaged to the mark for following advertisement additional distinguishing proof reasons.
  • Advanced mark of the CA (Certification Authority): This is a mark that is given by the position that gives the declarations.

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