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Udyog Aadhar Registration Certificate

How to get Udyog Aadhar Registration Certificate

We all know that small businesses are the backbone of the economy all over the world. According to Google, there are a total of 42.5 million units making up to 45% of the total Indian manufacturing output. To encourage these MSME ( medium, small and micro enterprises), the Government launched MSME registration which is now known as Udyog Aadhar Registration.

What is Udyog Aadhar Registration?

Just like all the Indian citizens have Aadhar cards including a unique identification number, this Udyog Aadhar is an identification number but for these MSME units. It includes both E-Memorandum I and E-Memorandum II. After registration these units can enjoy benefits provided by the Government for the growth of these sectors.

Who can apply for Udyog Aadhar Registration?

Business entities such as Hindu Undivided Family , Sole proprietor, partnership firm, private limited company, co-operative societies, association of persons, etc. In short, almost all business entities can apply for this registration. You can connect with our team for the registration.

What is the eligibility for Udyog Aadhar Registration?

Micro enterprises
  • Manufacturing sector with an investment of Rs 25 lakh in plant and machinery.
  • Service sector with an investment of Rs 10 lakhs in equipment.
Small enterprises
  • Manufacturing sector with an investment of up to Rs 5 crores in plant and machinery.
  • Service sector with an investment of Rs 2 crores in equipment.
Medium enterprises
  • Manufacturing sector with an investment of up to Rs 10 crores in plant and machinery.
  • Service sector with an investment of up to Rs 5 crores in equipment.

What are the documents required for Udyog Aadhar Registration?

The documents required are listed below: -
  • Name and Aadhar number of the owner
  • Name of your enterprise
  • Previous registration details of your enterprise
  • Type of enterprise/organization
  • Current address and account details
  • National Industrial Classification Code (NIC)
  • Total number of people employed at your organization
  • Current activities of your organization
  • Email ID, PAN number and mobile number of the owner/entrepreneur
  • Total investment made in the firm or your enterprise.

Benefits of Udyog Aadhar Registration

Once you register with the scheme, you can avail many benefits from the Government such as: -

Collateral free and cheap loan
You can get collateral free and loan for your business at a cheaper rate of interest compared to the market rate of interest.

1% less on overdraft

You can get 1% less interest on your overdraft facilities.

Easier and cheaper licenses

Many government certificates and licences become easy to obtain if you are registered under this scheme. If you want an ISO certificate and have paid for such registration from your own pocket then you can apply for reimbursement of such expenses from the Government by submitting an application.

MSME only tenders

There are many tenders which are introduced specifically for these MSME units. Thus, many business opportunities are also provided under this scheme.

Up to 50% off on patent

If you want to get your technology patented then you can get up to 50% off on patents under this scheme.

Protection against delayed payments

If a customer has purchased goods from you in credit, then it's the customer's responsibility to pay you within 15 to 35 days. If the customer fails to pay within the stipulated time then the customer will have to pay the amount along with compound interest whose rate is three times that of the bank.

Subsidized electricity rates

You can even get a subsidized rate for electricity bills if you file an application for such. For a long time, the Indian Government has introduced many schemes to encourage export goods out of India. Under this scheme, you can claim extra subsidy or re ate on such successful exports from the Government.

Important Note - Udyog Aadhaar replaced to Udyam Registration

On July 01, 2020, the Union Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME) launched a new classification and registration mechanism for MSME enterprises under the name 'Udyam Registration'. Udyog Aadhaar and Udyam registration both are same, just the classification are revised.


A micro, small and medium enterprise (MSME) is classified as below-

Enterprise Turnover Investment
Micro Not more than 5 Cr. Not more than 1 Cr.
Small Not more than 50 Cr. Not more than 10 Cr.
Medium Not more than 250 Cr. Not more than 50 Cr.

Any person who intends to establish a micro, small, medium enterprise may file online udyam registration. Click here to apply for Udyam Registration / Udyog Aadhaar Registration / MSME Registration:
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