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USB Token for Digital Signature

USB Token for Digital Signature

A USB token for a digital signature certificate (DSC) is a USB like device which is password protected establishing the identity of an individual. It detects the identity of a person electronically thereby enhancing digital security.

What is a Digital Signature?

A digital signature acts as a substitute for hand-written signatures.
While registering for a DSC, a private and public key are established. The private key is shared in confidence with the respective individual only while the public key is made public.

The signature is authorised by the system only when the private key of the user successfully decrypts its public key. This thereby proves the identity of that particular user/person.

How does a USB token work?

A USB token allows the user to access a network without having to use a password or a pin. It is highly secure and requires strong authentication for the user to access any kind of network.

The token contains a unique built-in software that enables users to identify and open digital signatures. A private key is stored in the token in cryptographic form. This leads to creating a digital signature on the token while signing the operation.

Since it is a password protected token it assures the users a high level of security while accessing their contents. The private key can be retrieved by the user from the USB token.

What are its Characteristics?

  • A USB token for digital signature contains fingerprint details or any other relevant biometric data which can be used as a cryptographic key.

  • It provides a secure access to encrypt files or digital contracts.

  • Almost all the USB tokens do not require a reader, hence they can be carried conveniently in hand.

  • No additional devices are required for USB tokens. It can be simply plugged-in on a USB port of a laptop/computer.

  • It is a durable device providing in-built security while carrying it anywhere.

How do you apply for a USB token?

  1. Visit the filinglounge website and click the Digital Signature option.

  2. Select the class for the DSC you want to apply for and fill in all the details.

  3. Make an online payment for your application.

  4. After submission, the DSC registration experts will process your application.

  5. The USB token containing your digital signature will be sent to you via post on your registered address.

Who are we?

filinglounge is a Private Consultancy Firm, providing business consultancy services. We provide USB token registration for Class 2, Class 3 and DGFT digital signatures. We also provide services for renewal of a DSC.

You can refer to our blog on our website, for any information regarding USB tokens for DSC. For any complaints, please feel free to lodge one by submitting it on the chat-bot available on our website.

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